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The art of Street Photography

Street photography captures the un-staged moments as they occur. It is commonly seen as an artistic piece of work, photos that capture candid and spontaneous moments of life, moments that convey emotions to people who looked upon it, moments that tell a story of the culture and people of the place. It takes a lot of time and patience to wait for the right opportunity to capture the best moment, moments that can translate into two things: “Soul and timelessness of the photo”

George Tapan, our Nikon School Instructor’s trick to capturing the best street photos is to be invisible and patient, but always ready to capture life as how you see it, candid and unposed. There is no right or wrong moment in street photography. What really matters is your own interpretation of that moment in life.

Go undercover with George as he blends into the streets of Singapore and share with us the secrets and insights to capturing inspirational street photographs.

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