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Catching The Wave

Lifestyle and nature photographer Kalle Lundholm, has always enjoyed being close to the water, his latest under water adventure brought him to the surfs of Philippines and Thailand. This Swedish native loves capturing the entire surf lifestyle and continues to push the boundaries of photography both above and below the water. His passion for traveling and his love of photography has kept him producing refreshing photos that give an out-of-the-norm experience.

With its ever-changing motions, surf photography is never consistent, allowing Kalle to take interesting compositions that are both challenging and inspiring. Spending countless hours in the water, he creates powerful imagery and creates his own interpretations of the world’s most unexplored yet sought after environment. He sees the surfer as a complement to this alluring area we call the sea; making his photos more engaging. 

His behind-the-surfer images are exposed through exploration of the waves that manipulate shadows and create defying depth. With the ocean being such a vast space, it is both a challenge and an inspiring experience for Kalle to come up with new interesting composition.

Kalle makes the most of natural light as he says it is one of the essential components to getting the most from the setting.  The sunrays blend harmoniously against the riffles of the waves, elevating his images. “Light is everything, without it there is nothing to capture and my favorite light is sunrise or sunset.”

Kalle expresses the importance of protecting his camera from the outdoor conditions he exposes himself to. He places a “dry suit” around his gear - relatively cost-effective, soft latex that is super light and perfect for traveling. He also uses a wetsuit or a rash-guard to cope with the cold ocean and from the intensity of the hot sun. When asked what his must-have equipment is, other than his Nikon D7100 with a AF-S DX Zoom- Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED lens, he stated he’d never enter the water without his treasured fins. “I never go out in the water without them. They help me move around in the ocean, especially when there’s a camera in your hands, these fellas will be your best friend.”

Even though Kalle has only recently taken his first leaps into photography, he says the most difficult part of shooting in water is the constant change in the oceanic environment. “Trying to capture a surfer at the right moment with the right light is very hard, especially when you have to swim under every incoming wave.” Though it seems his persistence in trying to capture the right angle has led him into taking magnifying photos. His favorite photo out of the series, he says, is the duck diving surfer taken in Siargao, Philippines.

When looking for locations to shoot, Kalle always looks for more than just a good surf place. He looks for picturesque surroundings, good energy and kind-hearted people. He says this is easy as many like-minded people within the surf community look for the same. Though his explorations are far from complete, Kalle is stepping into exciting territory and rediscovering himself. The many factors within the ocean allow his photos to always be spontaneous; never knowing which direction the waves might take him.

About Kalle

Kalle Lundholm was born and raised on the west coast of Sweden. Aside from his profession as a Photo Retoucher, he enjoys to expressing art through photography. In March 2014, he decided to move to Australia for a year and it was there where he took his camera into the ocean for the first time. He loves discovering new places that give him energy and boost his creativity.